Language Resources

Sandoval Bilingual Safety Solutions provides workplace English as a Second Language (ESL) programs, and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) programs. These are generally 24 hour programs (not all at once!) that can be spread out over four to twelve weeks. We go to your worksite, provide all training materials and equipment, and work with your time schedules. Contact us for pricing information

Alta Vista Services also provides workplace ESL and SSL programs. AVS also provides a variety of translation and printing services., or 916.718.8214

On-line translation is free, easy, but not necessarily very accurate. It tends to translate very literally and translations should be reviewed by a native speaker before publication.

Free on-line Spanish/English dictionary: plug in the English word, or the Spanish word, and the program provides a quick and accurate translation

ESL programs at community colleges and other traditional educational programs for the serious student.

Proud ESL Graduates from Angelo Utilities/Teichert Construction, Summer, 2006.