Resources / Links

Cal OSHA has a wide range of safety publications and posters. These are free to download, or you can pick up copies at their office at 221 Park Towne Circle, #4 Sacramento, CA 95825 or at local Cal OSHA offices.

Cal OSHA has a heat illness prevention resource page, including actual text of the regulation and additional resource information.

Federal OSHA has a wide range of Spanish language safety and health resources at their special ‘OSHA en Español’ website:

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has a resource page of it’s library of Spanish-language safety and health materials and research.

Oregon OSHA has compiled various bilingual safety powerpoints with a focus on construction and agriculture. Free downloadable materials at:

AgSafe is California’s leading agricultural safety and health organization. They also offer a bilingual certification in agricultural safety and health. Access their information and resources at:

Dr. Howard Rosenberg heads the agricultural personnel management program for UC Extension. He has compiled some great information and resources on heat stress, immigration issues, and other topics of interest to agricultural and other employers:

Download free bilingual toolbox safety topics for construction industry at:

El Nuevo Constructor is a Spanish language publication for the construction industry. It includes monthly safety topics. Request your free subscription at:

A library of free safety and health powerpoint files are available for viewing and download at: