“Mr. Sandoval’s highly energetic presentations are filled with hands-on, practical information that managers, supervisors, and employees can understand and apply in their workplace. As a bilingual trainer, he effectively communicates his message, and he understands and addresses the cultural issues affecting employer-employee relationships. “
- Kimberly Naffziger
Director, AgSafe,  CSU Fresno, Center for Ag Business

“Lupe truly cares about the well being of the worker and the value that
this brings to his clients.  His knowledge of human resources,
compliance and safety, coupled with his bilingual communication
skills, is a rare combination making him a valuable asset to any California
- Dave Moylan, Safety Consultant Manager, The Zenith

“We recently contracted with Sandoval Bilingual Safety Solutions and are amazed by the great service and Lupe’s expertise in safety, workers comp, HR. He has the bilingual skills and ability to educate and train at all levels of our organization. A special bonus is Lupe’s lively sense of humor!”
- John Clendenen, Owner, Clendenen Vineyard Management

“For more than ten years, Lupe Sandoval has guided me through the complexities of managing workers’ compensation and effective safety programs. With a focus on prevention and finding long-term solutions, he helped us achieve cost containment, and satisfied and productive workplaces.”
- Danika Davis, PHR, 15-year HR veteran and CEO, San Francisco
“For the past 12 years, Lupe has been a tremendous asset to our farming operation. He has the ability of communicating in a way our workers respect and understand. Undoubtedly Lupe has saved us many claims and in turn – money!”
- Scott Maisch Controller, Klein Family Farms, Stockton

“Lupe quickly analyzed our company safety practices and provided
recommendations for simple yet effective change. His hands on approach with our predominantly Hispanic staff resulted in immediate improvement in the company’s safety culture and injury rate. The bottom line: our workers compensation experience modification rating is now well below industry averages, positioning the company for continued financial success into the future.”
- Kevin Davis, VP and COO, Gardeners’ Guild, Inc., San Rafael

"Lupe Sandoval has helped USI clients by handling safety issues for a wide range of industries and employer types, from agriculture to construction to high-tech to non-profits.  Over the past 12 years Lupe has helped our clients develop effective injury prevention strategies.  The investment in Lupe's services was returned many times over in increased productivity, increased employee morale, and lower insurance premiums for our clients"
- Jon Bush, President, USI Insurance Services, Stockton